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Tefillin Bar-Mitzvah Tefillin Kits

Bar-Mitzvah set

Bar-Mitzvah set include: Tefillin Pshutot, Talit,Prayer book (sidur), velvet tefillin bag, matching talit bag & kipa and talit clips.
Come in special gift package.
The bar mitzvah boy will join the prayer with this set and will feel the spirit of Israel and Jerusalem city that unites us all around the world.
if you like to change talit in the set, please write it on the note in the order page.
You can see more talis in the talis section.
*Please write in the additional comment section if you want Righty or Lefty and if you want Ashkenazi or Sephardic Tefillin.
Righty- If you are a right-handed,
you wear the tefillin on the left arm.
Lefty - If you are a left-handed,
you wear the tefillin on the right arm.

Special gift to the one that you love.
Sizes are approximate.

Hand Made Techelet Blue Thread is made of hand made strings, which are dyed under the supervision of the Admor of Radin. Hand Made Blue Thread comes only with Hand Made White Tzitzit. Machine Made blue thread comes from the tzitzit Supplier and all machine made tzitzit with additional techelet blue thread will come with machine made blue thread.
If no blue thread is ordered, the standard white tzitzit is machine made. Hand made white tzitzit has to be ordered separately.

if you like to change talit in the set, please write it on the note in the order page.
Please note that this website is exporting and not manufacturing the listed item. Our products come from reliable and orthodox suppliers in Israel.
Size Color/Sample Price

Set 250.79$

Additional Products:
Techelet-Blue Thread  - 21.99$
Hand Made zizit - 12$


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